Inconel & Stainless Steel.

Everyone should have at least one weapon that will disintegrate an engine block from a mile and a half out, and you may want to do that a bit more quietly than popping a 3 oz block of C-4. If you’ve never shot a .50BMG, its quite an experience, but not nearly as much of an experience as for those standing behind and just to the right or left of the operator. With the usual .50cal muzzle comp, that 45 degree rearward gas wave will really roll yer socks down.

Mikey is all stainless and Inconel, welded construction, and provides a 25+dB drop in report. Additionally, an approximate acoustical position shift of 25 to 30 degrees from point of origin at 100 yds. (APS figures are approximate because it was really, really difficult to find someone to stand down by the target during testing.) Symmetrical internals provide minimal, and repeatable, POI shift, as well as, recoil damping.

Currently, all .50 caliber suppressors will be made on a custom, to order only basis, again – the old fashion way, at the lathe and mill. Turnaround time will depend upon current work flow at time of order.

Length x Diameter: 15″ x 2″
dB Reduction: 25 – 28
Weight: 58 oz
Part Number: TA-CR-50
UPC: 799471653807

Must be shipped to a class 02 or 03 dealer

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