If you’re new to silencers, you should understand that there is no magic in firearms sound suppression, but there are many different can and baffle designs, some good, some merely adequate, and some just downright bad. Everyone will tell you that their design is the best and quietest on the market but, the design of any given suppressor really has to be mission specific.

In a CQB environment, the suppression levels need to be maximized for purposes of stealth, as well as, maintaining command and control. Accuracy is obviously important, but, at close range, it’s not the overriding mandate. In long range target acquisition however, accuracy IS the overriding concern while quiet isn’t quite as important as acoustical position shift, which makes the shot’s point of origin very difficult to locate.

There are many scenarios in between those two but, it’s just about impossible to make a large caliber firearm sound like a pellet gun while maintaining accuracy out to several hundred yards or more. I make that ridiculous comparison because I’ve shot with a lot of first timers who think that all suppressors are going to be “Hollywood Quiet”. It just ain’t so.

A good .223 suppressor, for example, should bring the weapon’s dB level down to about the intensity of an un-suppressed .22 LR round.

Although I’ve personally been able to bring the report of a .223 round down to about 90dB, the weapon’s muzzle velocity was so severely impacted that we might as well have been throwing peanuts at the target. Not the effect we were looking for, but, it’s still a back burner project.

The main reason for civilians using suppressors is simply for hearing protection – the ability to target shoot or plink at soda cans without using ear plugs or muffs – keeping reasonable accuracy at a given distance, while not suffering damage to the inner ear from the percussive blast of the gun.

Silencers are legal in most states…. Please be sure to check if it is legal in your state.

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