Grip Reductions

Tactical Armz grip reductions are for a large variety of polymer framed pistols, Glock, HK, Kahr, FN, Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, etc. On frames such as the “Glock”, the rear frame has a very pronounced back strap causing the shooter to break his or her wrist angle to bring the sights on the target-a very unnatural feel for the shooter. The grip reduction removes the “hump” and finger grooves (finger grips removed at customer request as is the rounding of the trigger guard). When these alterations are made, the handgun has the back strap and feel of the infamous 1911. The amount of the reduction and the type of stippling will be discussed with the customer.

We offer four stippling types; Snake Skin, Delta, Composite, and Sand. “Snake Skin” stippling, which is a series of small scales which resemble the scales of a reptile, is one of our most popular. “Delta” stippling is a series of small serrations strategically placed for purchase on the frame like no other; this pattern is also very popular. The” Composite” stippling is a material applied to the frame that is chemically altered to product a variety of textures; light, medium, and heavy.

Our Composite stippling is similar to that of other custom smith’s, however, our texture by its nature looks fantastic on the frame and color can be added to give the texture a custom touch. “Sand” grip is also composite which is impregnated with granite to give a very positive grip on the frame. This particular finish is very popular with competitive shooters.

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