BUSHIDO .300wm .300 AAC .308

4130 Steel, Inconel & Stainless Steel.

4130 aeronautical grade outer tube with Inconel blast chamber and primary baffle. Stainless steel internal components forward of that. Not merely quiet, but an estimated acoustical position shift of 30 to 45 degrees at 100 yards out. Symmetrical internal design ensures minimal and repeatable POI shift at given length of range.

Currently, all .308 caliber suppressors will be made on a custom, to order only basis, at the lathe and mill. Turnaround time will depend upon current work flow at time of order.

Length x Diameter: 10″ x 1.75″
dB Reduction: 32 – 35
Weight: 28 oz
Model: BUSHIDO .300wm .300 AAC Blackout .308
Part Number: TA-CR-308
UPC: 799471653791

Must be shipped to a class 02 or 03 dealer

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