BRAVO 9 9mm

4130 Steel & Stainless Steel

Built upon the same design considerations as the Black Op .45. 4130 aeronautical grade tube with stainless steel booster/blast chamber assembly, and primary blast baffle. The remainder of the baffles, and front end cap, are made of 7075 hard anodized aluminum. Not quite as light weight as some almost all aluminum 9mm cans, but darned close, and just as quiet, if not more so. Though we could use more aluminum, we believe you’ll appreciate the enhanced longevity and durability that aeronautical grade 4130 provides.

Model shown was for a completely custom, mission specific, application.

Length x Diameter: 7″ x 1.375″
dB Reduction: 32 – 36
Weight: 12 oz
Model: BRAVO 9 9mm
Part Number: TA-CP-9
UPC: 799471653760

Must be shipped to a class 02 or 03 dealer

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