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Welcome to Tactical Armz

After years of staying dark in R&D and special weapons projects, Tactical Armz is entering the civilian firearms market with products that adhere to the highest quality standards that the world of computer aided technology can give us, while sustaining a fair and affordable purchase price.

Tactical Armz has been working on designs that will meet, or exceed your expectations, be user friendly, and, user serviceable. Whether you're on mission or on vacation, in-theater or in the back yard, you deserve quality, dependability, and consistency, at a price that won't break the bank.
"Do we claim to make the best suppressors available? No… But, a lot of folks say we do."
-Tactical Armz

Gunsmithing & Custom Work...

Gunsmithing & Custom Work

From merely zeroing in your optics, to building a custom weapon for you from the ground up, no job is too large or too small. We are equipped and well practiced in the intricacies of repair and restoration, as well as the art of creative approaches to personally customizing your firearm.

Firearms Suppressors...

Firearms Suppressors

Suppressors have always been one of our passions. The challenge of bringing the report a weapon down into the range of safe hearing levels is a never ending quest for refinement and improvement. We feel value is important as well. You shouldn’t have to suppress your sticker shock in order to suppress your weapon.

TA-15 Rifles...

TA-15 Rifles

Never satisfied with the status quo, we set about redefining the AR platform, focusing on high degrees of quality and functionality, as well as including some common sense features, not commonly found in other brands.

If we don’t have it, we’ll find it. If we can’t find it, we’ll make it, and, if we can’t make it… Forget it....

Contact Us

4451 E Farm Road 132, Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: (417) 883-9946